1. Is It Love?

From the recording Quiero

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Is it love? (Music Mayra Casales & Lyrics Carmen Lundy) - arr. by R. Casales & N. Denner
Is it love or just an optical illusion?
Is it real or just a blind state of confusion?
Is it a figment of my imagination or is it love?
Is it love or a mirage in my oasis?
Am I basking in the warmth of your embraces? Could it be that I’m infatuated or is it love? True love
I must have known this feeling before
But I swear I can’t remember when or where I must be suffering some kind of delusion After all it was only a one-night love affair
Is it love or just another fascination?
Why do I tingle with alarming sensation?
Is it something much too good too be true or is it love? True love?
Oye mi vida, acércate un poquito
Que yo te quiero, te quiero decir la verdad Yo a ti te quiero, pero necesito saber
Por eso Ari, dale tumbao
Dímelo que tienes
Y te diré lo que yo tengo Una cosita que t’entretiene